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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Anthology Weddings: Kawika & Jessica (7pm)

This is the first time I've photographed two weddings in one day! ...I started the day out in Ventura with Rob and Laurie then closed the day with you two! (For those of you who don't know, Kawika's my brother - awh...)

Congratulations you guys!!!! You tied the knot! I'm so happy to have another sister! (woohoo!!!)

Gosh, Naps Castle turned out to be a GREAT spot. We couldn't have asked for more...the evening was warm and the sunset was gorgeous! For those of you who we're there, we even had our path crossed by a rattle snake!

Well, we pray many blessings over your marriage. We love you guys!

Anthology Weddings: Rob & Laurie (11am)

Can I just tell the world the truth?

I didn't get a chance to meet either of you until the day of your wedding and when I were BOTH just as awesome as I imagined! It really wasn't a surprise to me, though...The charming impression you left me with, Laurie, each time we spoke over the phone was always so pleasant. It's no wonder I felt comfortable with you right from the get go!

I feel very honored that all and all, you both decided to choose me as your photographer. Thank you for that. It was very flattering. Being with the two of you and your family that day was a wonderful way for me to spend that Saturday.

I look forward to gettin' to work on all the photographs we created! (over 1,500 in such a short time!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anthology Weddings: Ryan & Karen

Ryan & Karen,

The two of you are probably on the beach right now relaxing and enjoying yourselves...(don't forget to use sunscreen)

As I think back to your reception and remember the words your family and friends had to say, I am touched so deeply. As I recall all the hugs and kisses Baron and I received that day, I am reminded of their open hearts and willingness to receive all. It truly was the manifestation of their kindness...and we were the photographers!!!! We loved it! It's like for that day, we got to feel like we were a part of your family and share their joy. It is one of the many reasons why we love what we do.

By the way, we want to admit that we were both fighting to hold back the tears several times throughout that day...During the ceremony, when the three of you were pouring sand into that vase, the symbolism and emotion that I witnessed was so sweet. I really had to tell myself, "Jen, get a hold of yourself and keep taking pictures!" I am so happy for the three of you. We want to wish you and your family all the best...many blessings.

Thank you for having us there...