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Monday, October 20, 2008

Anthology Wedding: Mike & Jen Simonds (10.19.08)

Hey Guys,

Baron and I had lots of fun yesterday! Thank you for making us feel like family. Speaking of which, you have an awesome family and group of friends! Thanks for lettin' us drag you into sketchy alley ways or onto rocky mounds for photo sake. You guys were good sports and I'd say it was worth it! You guys look HOT in your photos!

Hugs and kisses to little Tommy, we hope it's not too long till we see him again. We hope to make it to your BBQ later today. But if not, lets keep in touch.

Many blessings over your life together...


Baron and Jen

P.S. Love your dress! (for everyone who doesn't know, it's custom made using the material from her mother's wedding dress - how sweet...)